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How can you help?

The best way for you to help is to donate whatever amount you feel you can afford since this will have a direct and concrete impact on the condition of the animals of Lamu. If 200 people gave 100 euros a year for 10 years we would be self-sufficient for a decade. – It’s the price of one special meal for two in a big city once a year – but makes a huge difference for us!

The LAWC is on a true veterinary mission where every dollar counts. Funding is 100% dependent on people like you kindly providing what they can. In order to achieve sustainability, we are trying to get a list of 180 supporters to guarantee 100 euros/year each for ten years. Financial accounts are up to date and can be consulted in the ‘NEWS’ section.

  • Ksh. 100 ($US0.75) provides fish to feed an in patient cat for a week
  • Ksh. 200 ($US2.70) de-worms or vaccinates against rabies an average sized dog
  • Ksh. 600 ($US8) treats a dog against mango worms (skin infection)
  • Ksh. 1,000 ($US14) treats a cat against cat flu
  • Ksh. 1,400 ($US19) treats a dog against tick fever
  • Ksh. 1,500 ($US20) neuters one male dog
  • Ksh. 2,000 ($US27) spays one female dog
  • Ksh. 26,400 ($US 343) buys sutures for a year which is a major medical supply expenditure

You can contact us by email on either or for more information or for any enquiry.

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