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Other Animals

Until recently farmers on Lamu have essentially followed the precepts of ‘DIY’ of animal husbandry when it was about treating their animals. This does not go without risks to animal health and by extension to Public Health (read further under ‘Veterinary care’). Years of ground work and sensitization with cattle owners are starting slowly to bear fruit. In this campaign LAWC has been cooperating in 2010 with the District Agricultural Office, the Veterinary Department and notably the Lamu Coconut Development Youth Group in holding a first major and successful ‘field day’ with farmers attending from Matondoni, Mokowe, Manda and Hindi when the vets could explain how professional veterinary services can improve livestock production. More such events are planned to take place in 2011 in Mpeketoni and Kiunga respectively South and North of the archipelago.

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