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Veterinary care at the Lamu Animal Welfare Clinic.

Since inception in October 2004, the Project has achieved significant improvement in animal health on the archipelago of Lamu thus reducing the health risks between the animal population and the people ultimately contributing to general Public Health.
On average, the clinic treats around 150 animals a month from Lamu Town and surrounding villages on the main island; cats, dogs, cattle, goats, sheep, even the occasional parrots, turtles and iguana! Further the vet team is holding ambulatory clinics on a monthly basis in various spots over the archipelago such as Manda/Kitau, Matondoni, Kipungani up to the islands North; Pate/Faza, Ndau and Kiwayu and South on the mainland to Mokowe and Mpeketoni including visits to farms.
Farmers are gradually taking advantage of the availability of professional care reducing the recourse to often inadequate treatment administered by the farmers themselves or worse by self proclaimed ‘healers’ resulting in painful procedures and the build-up of resistance to drugs which is a common and major problem in this kind of environment.
A typical day at the clinic starts at 7.30 a.m. when the vet does a ward round to check on the ‘boarders’, those patients that are kept at the clinic for treatment. Animals are then being fed, usually on a diet of fish and rice and given plenty of water or milk for the younger ones. It is then time for consultations hours followed by surgeries and further treatment. The Clinic also operates an out-of-hours service and covers for emergencies around the clock.

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